Posted on 24 October 2016



STYLE-SUITE introduces you to luxury fashion designer Patricia Gomez-Gracia.

Patricia Gomez-Gracia’s fashion career has taken her from Miami to New York and London, her adoptive home. Patricia has created a recognisable style whose confident, sexy personality is empowered by Patricia’s innate sense of style and elegance.

Empowering, feminine, and refined — Gomez-Gracia is about sensual silhouettes and flattering cuts. The combination of luxury, hand-sourced, textured, and often contrasting fabrics, is tempered by tongue-in-cheek details to make Gomez-Gracia the perfect designer for the work-hard, play-hard woman who loves to express herself.

'' Fun, flirty, sexy...Gomez-Gracia is fab for women with confident style 
and a bold personality!''
- Wendy Tee, Art Director of Harper's Bazaar and Elle''


While Gomez-Gracia has caught the eye of many celebrities and fashionistas over the past few years, Patricia maintains an aesthetic that make every woman feel like a star.


''Grammys Best Dressed'' -





The Gomez-Gracia collection was established with a commitment to making beautifully crafted clothes with a modern sophistication. Patricia has always been driven by a curiosity to learn about construction, workmanship and perfecting every detail of her designs.

The design process starts 5-6 months in advance of the presentation. The majority of the fabrics are sourced from Europe. Most of which are designed for and exclusive to Gomez-Gracia. Each season, Patricia creates unique embroideries based on her inspiration and explores innovative techniques to apply them. Many of the intricate embellishments can take up to several months to create. The embroidery uses custom sequins that are often hand applied, sometimes taking up to hundreds of hours. The embroidery is done in India, which is renowned for their knowledge of using old world couture techniques. The combination of these techniques, with Patricia’s modern eye, ensures that she is able to create singular designs that are distinctly Gomez-Gracia.


Lastly, the garments are created by skilfully blending beautiful fabrics and luxurious details based on the many ideas Patricia sketches every day. After the perfect fit is achieved, the collection comes together with the help of the Notting Hill atelier, who artfully constructs each garment with a meticulous eye for detail.


 “Working with Style-Suite and Alexa has been great!  She has a great understanding of her customer's needs, knows the fashion market very well and an eye for detail.  She’s a real professional" Patricia Gomez-Gracia






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